Cell phone buzzes. An SMS in the morning.
“Good marning! Wishing you a good day.”
This is not from a number in my contact list. Who can this be? Mild irritation for a few seconds, and then I ignore it.

Next day. Buzz. “Good marning!”
What’s going on here. I reply “I think you have the wrong number”. Commend myself for sending out a courteous response. What’s wrong with this guy.

Wait! Why am I convinced that this is a guy. Maybe if the messages stop, it is a girl. Girls are usually reticent about continuing with such things, after being asked to stop. Or do they? Shouldn’t I be getting ready for work already.

Next morning, I expect another SMS, and my mind races through a set of stronger responses to put an end to this nuisance.


Looks like my earlier response was sufficient to stop this. Nice of this guy to stop. How do I know it is a guy, and not a girl? Maybe it is a girl. I was spending a lot more time thinking about this, than I would care to admit.

Three days later: “Good marning! Have a nice day”.

This is a bit too much, I need to yell at this guy. What’s the deal with this “marning”. Is he infatuated with someone, and thinks he is connecting with that person through this message?

But then, the poor sod is only trying to wish someone a good day. Why not assume he is just spreading good cheer, instead.

I smile.


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