#NGYS2014 conference

Went to the National Geography Youth Summit, 2014, in Bangalore, and it was good to see the range of talks and workshops being organized there.

  • Attended the “Introduction to open-source GIS.  (Mr. Bharat Settur, OS-GEO India)” – the introduction to QGIS, though at a rather hectic pace, gave me a sense of what it takes to use this tool, and its effectiveness. This is something I will take another look at, and will learn via the online tutorials. The workshop should have “instructions”, so that the presenter need not run through all the steps, but rather help participants if they are stuck with any of the instructions.
  • Paper presentation on “Agriculture Market And Marketing System In Pushkar Region Of Ajmer” , by Sandhya Mantorio: Rather interesting to know that most of the agriculture patterns in Pushkar are towards rose cultivation (for exports and national consumption), and that this in an area with a receding water-table and absent-landlordism. Sandhya mentioned that this work was to help the farmers understand that they are “Caught up in a trend to cultivate roses, and that they do not see the big picture – the number of middlemen involved, and the low value they earn from their efforts”.
  • Paper presentation on “Changing Population Trend With Topography”, Mohammed Hafiz: The gist of this paper was that people move from the highlands to the lowlands, for jobs and better quality of life (healthcare, education, etc). The paper was a bit sparse on the possible datapoints used to arrive at this correlation (between migration and topography), but atleast gets one thinking about this scenario, and its implications.
  • Paper presentation on “Analysis Of Age-Sex Pyramids In West Bengal 1961-2011”,  Indrita  Saha, with Ashis  Sarkar: A useful paper to understand how tracking the age-gender structure in the population provides better insight into issues related to unemployment, social development, and the like.

I wasn’t able to stay for the rest of the day. The conference is packed with other interesting sessions for the next couple of days: http://tiigs.org/ngys/program-panels-sessions-final/. Will attend some of those sessions.

Also, live-tweets about the conference #NGYS2014


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