Mangoes, Ratnagiri Alphonso, and more

Mallik, friend and intrepid traveler, on his return from his hometown decided to bestow unadulterated happiness among some of his acquaintances –

Alphonso mangoes, image from Shayer Jaleel

he presented some of us the choicest mangoes from Ratnagiri. The Ratnagiri Alphonso overwhelms the senses, in the most pleasurable way. The fruity light scent, the golden hue of its skin, and the melt-in-your-mouth-explosion of sweetness taste makes a grown up man weep, in sheer joy.

Ok. Soap box done.

But seriously, the Wikipedia content on mangoes, and their Indian varieties, sure needs a lot more content. Wonder where I can source facts from; I would like to edit those pages with some useful information. What exists now is good, but then they don’t do justice to the “king of fruit” (Mangoes, that is, in case you are wondering).

Wikipedia content on mango cultivars:, and specifically Alphonso:

Now, I have to return to the mangoes. Their mouth-watering scent has filled up my house.


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