Book Review: Govind Narayan’s Mumbai

This is a follow-up to the blog entry announcing the book that my cousin had translated. I finally got down to reading it, and must say I liked the book, its content, and the notes added by the translator – Murali (yes, my cousin).

The book is available for purchase on Amazon –  “Govind Narayan’s Mumbai: An Urban Biography from 1863“. I have posted a review of the book there.

There were some minor errors/nitpicks that I noticed in the book:

  • Some words in the text are italicized but do not have notes entries for them. This inconsistency is a bit of an annoyance, because the notes are situated at the end of the book, and do not appear as a footnote on the pages that contain the italicized words. Pages 204 and 205 for example contain such examples.
  • Some words are not italicized at all… for instance “Bharat Khand” on pg 203. I would have expected this to have some sort of a note, because the non-Indian reader would not have a clue as to what this means.
  • Some of the italicized units of measure could have been converted to some metric unit of measure, in the notes section, so that the reader could estimate or visualize what the term means. For instance, “man”, “ser”, etc.
  • Some inconsistency in names of places – Pune and Poona are both used in the text.

I haven’t noted down all the nitpicks/minor-errors in the book. Will note them down in this blog entry, the next time I browse through the book.


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