Helping out with Technology concepts

Had a conversation today with a faculty member from a local college, and she wanted to talk to someone from IBM on an area that she intends to focus on as part her course (not the one she teaches, but the one she is enrolled into).

Basically she felt she needed to work on some usecases and problems in the area of SOA, and Semantic Web.

Rather than having a discussion straight away on these technology areas, I thought the important aspect was for her to understand these concepts better, and also to look at some other related concepts:

This being the first step, the next is to keep the conversation going, and suggested we use Twitter to exchange notes, or any other medium other than email.

I am on Twitter as kirsn, and use the Twitterfox extension in Firefox browser to read and reply to tweets.


2 thoughts on “Helping out with Technology concepts”

  1. Hi Kiran,

    Thanks for “summing” up whatever we discussed!

    Will delve a bit into the pointers you gave and catch you on Twitter.

    I also used to blog, but stopped last year as I got addicted to it 🙂

    Well, I was not into “techy” blogging, so no point talking about it here.


  2. Hey, BY the way…I 4got to tell you one thing…

    C Mohan emailed me today.

    Said he was willing to come to MSRIT and give a talk to the students and faculty before he goes out of country, I think US.

    Why am I saying this here?

    Well, this is to let you know that in reply to that mail, I have mentioned your name and said that you are willing to help out technically in projects.

    I don’t know if you both know eachother, but since I mentioned your name, thought I should let you know.

    Said this as the overall context was “How to take the Univeristy Relations forward”

    Bye for now…


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