Geography, and music

This concept of viewing a musician’s compositions, its relevance to the society of that time, observations about people, and places entwined in the music, and all of this viewed in the context of geography, is a rather interesting one.

Some of my discussions with Shekar (Chandra to some) on this topic have always been mesmerizing, and its great to see that he intends to put some degree of structure around these ideas, and also get to see them materialize into a project of sorts.

Somehow this idea of looking beyond the obvious, or linking seemingly different topics interests me. Godel-Escher-Bach is one of them. Some of the ideas that Shekar is investigating in this area is to mine content from a specific context – Geography – and presenting the results in a manner that brings out interesting possibilities. Any other GEB similarities ends there.

Some of the projects that Shekar intends to pursue are listed out here.


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