Functional conference, 2015

Last year, I had attended the rather useful, first edition of the, Functional conference, and returned this year too. I walked in when the keynote, by Amit Rathore, was in progress. The talk seemed to veer in the direction of “functional-programming-awesome, functional-programmers are ninjas, or some equivalent fighter hero types”. I am not big fan […]

KDB+, Bangalore meetup, and more

Noticed a “kx community” appear on meetup, a few months ago, and decided to join that one. I was always intrigued by the language K, J, and subsequently Q. The accompanying database kdb+ is an interesting one too. This combination of languages and database has worked well in the time-series analysis domain. These product from […]

The Elephant Whisperer

During a busy work day, I got an email to a news item titled “Wild Elephants gather inexplicably, mourn death of Elephant Whisperer”. I instantly clicked on it, and read the article, and then read it a few more times. I was left dumbfounded by what was described there. A herd of wild elephants, which […]

PostgreSQL: json, jsonb support

I follow, and use the pydal, and web2py projects quite closely. I like the way these projects are engineered, and the community around them. One of the discussion points that came up was around the wonderful support for JSON, and JSONB in PostgreSQL. As part of that discussion, I started jotting down some points on […]


M’s wife A dropped an email to us, mentioning that M’s birthday was around the corner, and that she had planned to call a few of his close friends for a small get together. The highlight being she had planned to ask Shabnam, and Vipul, of the Kabir Project fame, to attend, and sing a […]

1857: The Real Story of the Great Uprising

I recently read Mrinal Pande’s English translation of Vishnu Bhatt Godshe Versaikar’s “Majha Pravas“. It’s called “1857: The Real Story of the Great Uprising“. I couldn’t put this book down. The translation was good – I felt I was reading Vishnu Bhatt’s experiences as he had written them down, and not be slowed by the […]